Bomb AFTaquitos

Elevating taquitos is our specialty. Hand-rolled, pan-fried, and cooked-to-order, our packs boast fresh, quality ingredients. From freshly prepared proteins to expertly grated cheese and flavorful sauces, we turn taquito lovers into addicts!

2-Pack Combo Beans And Rice



3-Pack Combo Beans And Rice



4-Pack Combo Beans And Rice




We’re all about authenticity, sticking to Mama Karen’s original recipes. From scratch-made guac, queso, and homemade salsa straight from her recipe book, to fan favorites like street corn and corn in a cup, our menu keeps it O.G. with a street casual vibe.

Bomb AFNachos

Kick off the flavor with our epic hand-cut, super-fresh chips! We’re stacking ’em sky-high with homemade toppings. And hey, don’t be shy – pass a plate to your crew and let the Nacho party begin! Bomb AF Nachos, because sharing the tasty vibes is where it’s at!


Looking to complement your Taquitos? Dive into our fantastic selection of drinks! From classic like Pepsi and Diet Pepsi to exhilarating choices such as Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper, we’ve got you covered. Indulge in refreshing options like Sierra Mist, Pineapple Cream Soda, Root Beer, and Pink Lemonade. Craving something unique? Savor our Horchata and Jamaica beverages. Whatever your preference, elevate your meal with our BOMB AF drinks!